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Instant online exams in 15 minutes

Need it for a meeting? This document can also be downloaded from here.

1. Sign up for an Instant Exams account

The system will send you an email giving you your log on address and user id. You just need to paste the address into your browser bar and enter the user id to log onto the site.

You will find that there are 40+ tests available to your users. All you need to do is to set up some user ids to give your candidates access to the exams.

2. Enter the user details for some of your candidates

It is straightforward to set up users and full details are given in the Manager's User Guide to Instant Exams. Effectively, all you do is type in the name, username, password and email address of each candidate into the web form, choose which groups of exams you wish them to take and select Add users. The system will create the users and email them their log on details.

3. Tell your users to get started

Your users need to log in and take the tests that will be available to them. This is controlled by their user profile - which you can access and change at any time (so you can add them to different user groups if you wish them to take extra tests).

4. Review results

You can log on and look at the reports and results from your candidates. You can look in detail at individual's scores and even step through their completed tests screen-by-screen if you wish. Or you can review group results and use the tests to highlight specific areas where your staff generally need further training.

And after that...

If, after you have been using Instant Exams for a while, you feel that you would like some more specific tests that match your organisations needs more closely, you can always upgrade your account to an Instant Plus account, download our Editor and modify the existing tests and create new ones. If you dont want to do the authoring work yourself, contact us for a quote on converting existing paper-based tests or support in developing new ones.

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